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Health Benefit of Sex You Should Tell Her if She Refuses You in Bed

Recently, I have a daunting question regarding the health benefit of sex. Imagine if sex weren't a pleasurable activity, and we have sex for procreation purpose only like animals. Is there any reason why we should have sex at all? I mean a real substantial health benefit of sex. And it doesn't surprise me to find it more than 5 health benefits of sex we should know and I am more than willing to share it with you here.

Now, you can tell your lady that sex is not only fun but since there are also health benefit of sex for physically, emotionally and psychologically. There is no reason she shall turn you down with, "Honey, not tonight. I've a terrible headache" anymore.

All you have to do is inform her that one of the health benefits of sex is the ability to act as a pain killer. She doesn't need aspirin pills, all she need is sex. When you are engaging in sexual activity the hormone oxytocin in your body will secrete and endorphins, hormone-like chemicals that act a close functional resemblance to morphine are released. So you are curing her headache, and you are happy, aren't you?

She's in her menstruation period? Tell her having sex during menstruation is known to relieve her cramps and the pain of contractions. For the same reasons tell her it is because engaging in sex will releases oxytocin and endorphins to act as natural opiates.

So whenever she feel stressed, monthly sickness or headache and refusing you in bed, tell her you have a magic cure.

There are more than 5 good reasons you could tell her now whenever she come up with excuses of not having sex with you. Once you run out of good reasons and she still seems to be able to come up with another reason - there is must something wrong with you. It's time to overhaul in full introspection. But it's another story.

Health Benefit of sex No.1

Tell her that good sex will help her relax and sleep better also cure for insomnia.

After an orgasm or ejaculation an intense of relaxation overcomes us and clears the nagging and negative thoughts so we usually fall asleep and sleep better during night and feel alive and refreshed throughout the day,

Health Benefit of Sex No.2

Tell her sex helps her shed fat and maintains her body weight. For every 23 times of 30 minutes sex she will burn about 3500 calories and if she doesn't replace it immediately with food, she will lose one pound of fat. So for every 30 minutes of fun sex every night, within one month she will burn about 4565 calories.

Once she hears it, I bet she will be more than willing to ride you in bed rather than ride her static bike.

Health Benefit of Sex No.3

Tell her sex will help her stay younger and live longer. During sex hormone DHEA is secreted through body and increased 5 times in our bloodstream just before orgasm or ejaculation. This hormone helps balance our body immune system, improve cognition, promotes bones growth, maintain repairs tissue, keeping her skin healthy and supple thus having sex will help her stay younger.

Health Benefit of Sex No. 4

Tell her regular sex activity will keep her heart healthy and in good cholesterol level since sexual activities will boosting her estrogen level to keep her vaginal tissue more supple and protecting against heart disease. Sex also balances out the good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio, and at the same time reduces the overall cholesterol count in the body.

Health Benefit of Sex No. 5

Tell her regular sexual intercourse with frequent ejaculation can help you keep your prostate happier and healthier. Let her know, we eventually will suffer from prostate enlargement called benign prostate hypertrophy ( BPH ) and may develop prostate cancer. She could help us prevent it by engaging regular sexual intercourse.

Health Benefit of sex No.6

Tell her that Wilkes University in Pennsylvania says individuals who have sex once or twice a week show 30% higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system thus less-frequent colds and flu.

Health Benefit of Sex No.7

Tell her sex will reduce her depression, since Prostoglandin, a hormone found only in your semen may be absorbed in her genital tract thus modulating her female hormone. Let her know your Chinese expert informed you that both of you need to balance your body Qi -- giving your Yang Qi and taking her Ying Qi by having regular sex.

Health Benefit of sex No. 8

Let her know seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium and other minerals shown to retard tooth decay. It is far richer, more complex and more satisfying experience than squeezing a tube of Crest or Tartar. Researchers have noted, parenthetically, that sexual etiquette usually demands the brushing of one's teeth before and/or after intimacy, which, by itself, would help promote better oral hygiene and better teeth.

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How to play with her breasts

Playing with breasts can bring enjoyment to both the giver and receiver.

If your lady doesn't like having sex toys like nipple clamps used on her, here are some tips on how to play with her breasts...

*Use your fingers to gently rub around the nipple, this is a great way to arouse her. The lightest touches can be the most arousing.

*Move your fingers around her entire breast, and the back to the nipple.

*Rubbing your fingers lightly on her stomach also feels nice, you can try having one hand rub lightly on one breast while your other hand is lightly rubbing on stomach. Then swap - remember to pay the same amount of attention to each breast.

*Try gently putting your whole hand over her breast, and gently rub and squeeze.

*Sucking on her nipples is also another way to play with her breasts and bring both of you enjoyment. Start with very soft sucks so you get a feel for whether she likes the sucking sensation.

*Licking from the breast to the neck is a sure way to arouse her. The neck and ears are very sensitive areas and it is lovely to have your neck kissed. This can sometimes be ticklish, however she might like it.

*Fondle her breasts at the same time you kiss her neck and ear, and then return your kisses to her breasts.

*Give her variety, however if she likes something in particular, stick to it!

*Try even massaging her breasts, try different pressures and speeds and see what she likes.

*Make sure you give each breast equal attention, whether you are playing with them at the same time, or going from breast to breast. It will feel uneven and sometimes not pleasurable if only one breast is receiving the attention.

*If you want playful sex toys to use when kissing and fondling, try toys like feather ticklers that can provide nice sensations. Use it on her breasts, her stomach, her neck, everywhere. Use it in conjunction while you are kissing and fondling her.

*There are also gels that stimulate both the nipples and the clitoris. The gel provides a lovely, tingling sensation, and it the added bonus is it can be used downstairs as well. Try rubbing it all around the clitoris and vaginal area.

*This tips are a great way to start with foreplay, and the suggested sex toys can bring extra fun in the bedroom. Massage oil is also lovely to rub over her breasts.

*Remember, breasts can be very sensitive, especially if she has her period or is pregnant, so communicate with her and see what she likes so you both receive enjoyment from breast play.

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Cunnilingus - Oral Sex Tips for Men for Mind Blowing Orgasms

Cunnilingus has the potential to give women immense satisfaction and highly satisfying orgasms if performed correctly.

Many women actually find that they can climax easier from Cunnilingus than full sexual intercourse.

To learn how to perform cunnilingus takes some practice, but anyone can become skilled in the art of oral satisfaction and we have outlined some tips below to help.

Oral Techniques

Starting oral sex

To commence cunnilingus try the following:

Lick your partner's vaginal entrance up her clitoris.

Then follow the outer edges of the vagina.

Make sure you cover both sides.

Going up and down each side this is a great way to start oral sex and get your partner relaxed for further pleasure.

The Labial

Hold the two parts together and make sure you do this gently with your lips.

Next run your tongue between the inner and outer labia, one side at a time and then repeat this motion.

Inside the vagina - Tongue intercourse

The majority of nerve endings in the vagina are located at the opening and this sensitivity extends a couple of inches inside.

When performing cunnilingus target these areas.

Insert your tongue into the vagina.

Probe with your tongue then try licking with circular motions and try flicks with your tongue as well.

Spread the outer vaginal lips gently apart with your fingers.

With your tongue stiff and pointed try licking and flicking the tongue across your partners clitoris and also insert it into the vagina.

A word of caution

Go gently with the above.

Many women can be very sensitive and you should ask for direction about how hard you go when doing this.


Expose the clitoris by spreading her lips and next expose the hood.

Take the clitoris in your mouth gently and suck it.

Let the clitoris go and then repeat again.

This is a huge turn on for most women and also adds the element of frustration to highlight the pleasure.

The A - B - C Technique

Spell the alphabet when performing cunnilingus with your tongue.

This gives the tongue a variety of directions that it can go in and this variety can be a huge turn on.

You don't just use A - B - C use all the letters and ask which ones she finds the most exciting and keep them in mind for next time.

The exact technique for giving pleasure with cunnilingus will vary from woman to woman and the above is just a blueprint for you to use and explore with your partner

The key to finding exactly what your partner wants form cunnilingus is to communicate with her - Ask her what she wants, how she likes it and what is giving her pleasure.

Other points to keep in mind to make cunnilingus more satisfying for your partner are:

1. Make sure your mouth is moist

Fill your own mouth with as much saliva as you can, so that it is as moist as possible - Never use a dry tongue.

2. Don't go for the clitoris straightaway.

Make sure your partner is relaxed and aroused.

Try kissing and licking around the upper thighs and vulva area after some general foreplay and then work your way slowly to the clitoris.

3. Variety is the key.

If you repeat the same technique your partner will quickly become insensitive to it.

Keep in mind variety with Cunnilingus is essential as it is in all sexual acts as it adds to the excitement and anticipation. 4. Use your fingers as well

You can use your fingers in association with cunnilingus.

Try inserting a finger or two into her vagina as your partner becomes more aroused.

Cunnilingus is one of the most satisfying sexual experiences for women and you can do it correctly and give your partner mind blowing orgasms with a little practice and direction from your partner.

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